Shaping Future, Empowering Visionaries.
An Evolving Buyout Fund
Understanding the market profoundlyAllocating abundant resources flexibly
Divide Capital was founded in Hong Kong in May 2023. It was formerly known as the capital team of Creative Technology Group. It is an evolving M&A fund based on global perspective.
We empower entrepreneurs strategies through capital and help upgrade the industry. Our business mainly involves merger and acquisition, industrial development and strategy consulting, financial advisory and IPO issuance. The headquarter is established in Hong Kong, with offices located in Beijing, Guangzhou and other places.
Core Business
Capital Partner of Entrepreneurs with Global Vision
  • Merger & Acquisition
  • Industrial Development and Strategic Consulting
  • Financial Advisory and IPO & Underwriting
Industry and Areas
01 Tech-driven growth
  • Infrastructure
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Crypto
02 Human Pleasure
  • Branding Consumption
  • Pan-Entertainment
  • Digital Art
03 Future of civilization
  • Life and health
  • Environmental governance
  • New energy
  • Space exploration
We pay close attention continuously:
Technology companies with disruptive potentiality, foresight and innovation;
Companies that bring joy, fulfilment and well-being to people;
Businesses that are committed to push civilisation of human beings and explore the influence of technology for the future society.
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